• Buying and Selling Currencies - this is our core business. We search the market to get the best rate of exchange for our clients. JBE provide better foreign exchange rates than those available from the High Street Banks - thus saving our clients money AND we still do not charge for transfers

  • Export and Import - many companies export and import both goods and services and obviously need to pay for these in foreign currency or to exchange foreign currency into pounds sterling for goods and services they have provided. At JBE we aim to make that exchange easier and at better rates –therefore improving your profit margin -Typically we can save between 2-5%

  • Overseas Property buying and selling -The recent major change in the world’s economic climate has caused a fundamental sea change in this market. Many UK citizens are selling properties at heavily discounted prices. We can help alleviate this with the savings made by dealing with JBE

  • Emigration and Relocation - many people work abroad for periods of time or make that momentous decision to emigrate. Both these purposes can be complex and stressful. JBE can take away some of the stress by handling your foreign exchange needs and making sure your pounds buy more currency.
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